TABC Chairman Kevin J. Lilly’s Message to Industry About Coronavirus

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The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission stands
with the alcoholic beverage industry during this incredibly difficult time. I’m Kevin Lilly, Chairman of TABC. The coronavirus pandemic has affected each
and every one of us. This includes the more than 55,000 businesses
regulated by TABC. Whether you operate a bar that’s been forced
to close its doors, or a restaurant that’s changing its entire business model, we understand
the challenges you’re facing. TABC’s leadership is in daily conversation
with the industry trade groups and organizations that represent your interest, as well as the
Office of the Governor as we work together to solve problems and help ensure Texas businesses
will be able to weather this storm. Governor Abbott has been an incredibly strong
advocate for the industry since this crisis began, and I assure you, he’s heard your
concerns and is willing to take unprecedented steps to help you keep your businesses operating
during this period. Each licensed or permitted business in Texas
plays an incredibly important role in our state’s economy. Together, you contribute more than $40 billion
dollars annually to our state, and it’s critical that the industry continue to support
Texas by providing jobs, economic growth, and service to your customers. We will get through this. TABC and the Governor are working each and
every day to provide the answers and the support you’re looking for. If you haven’t already, I urge you to visit
the TABC’s coronavirus information page for the latest information on what the agency
and the Governor are doing to support the industry. New information is added nearly every day,
so check often. Always remember, TABC stands with you. Working together, we can all help ensure our
industry continues to play an important role in the future of Texas. I pray for good health for your and your family
during these unprecedented times. Please, be safe and take care. (ON-Screen URL:


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