1. yeah those moonrocks she has no look fake. The laces look off & the shoes look cheap. Would need a closer look at them but they look fake doesn't mean they are fake.

  2. I will never buy again from the Stockx website. If you have a problem with your purchase, they will not help you and you will lose all your money! I'm 13 years old and I buy a Brand new Supreme headband on this site with all my savings for a full year and my headband has manufacturing defects after only 3 weeks and they do not want to help me. Very bad after-sales service!

  3. I was always reluctant to buy Yeezys because of all the fakes.. but now i have two pair from stock X. (both real.)

  4. I copped some bred 11s from them and they are so legit. I'll definitely buy again sometime in the future. 😍

  5. Stockx needs to give me some info asap. I ordered the countdown pack 16/7 and it clearly shows the black n red 16s and the hare 7s (size 11.5) and the only pair that came to my crib was the 16s. Ups only gave me one tracking number for the order . The box was pretty big so I didn't think nothing about it. As soon as I opened the box. The hare 7s are missing. Hopefully tomorrow I get a reply

  6. bruuuh I watched the add instead of the actual video this add was just dope honestly imma go cop some shoes right now

  7. Stockx sent me a pair of stained jordan 7s an refused to give me a refund *do not buy from them* the authenticators looked at the shoe an sent it anyway company is a joke

  8. 1 you legit check it
    2 you check for which price 90% of the pairs are sold
    3 use fucking paypal, way safer than giving yall my credit card details anyways

  9. In terms of ads that catch my attention, this is up there with that Purple mattress goldilocks commercial. Good job, marketing/ad team.

  10. Bunch of sell outs lmao so cringe. Lets support a secondary market flooded with fakes, no customer service, zero accountability for privacy/user data!

  11. So you want a pair of black cement 3s huh?
    A real pair, and you want the best price? Where do you even start, here’s a thousand auction listings take two energy drinks and call me in the morning. How do I even know if the shoe is real? What’s a fair price for it? And if I have a problem is the seller going to take care of it? A sneaker is a commadity, it should be dead simple to buy a dead stock pair. Welcome to stock x An actual stock market for sneakers,”it’s actually a stock market of things”. At stock x a transaction occurres when a bid and an ask meet, a buyer wants to buy a size 10 black cement. He submittes a bid, the price he’s willing to pay now to entire world knows it’s a legit offer because it’s tied to his pay pal account he can go about his day in confidence knowing that if somebody is selling for $550 he’ll copp, is that a fucking dacuri? Yeah bro. A seller has a size 10 black cement, she can place an ask or a listing for sale, if she sees someone that has placed a bid for $550 she can sell it immediately with two clicks done deal. Am I the only one not drinking a beach drink? But how do I know if these are real? Hassan, come on really? What.
    Every pair of sneaker sold on stock x passes through our trading floor with dudes that look like James harden make sure you never get scammed ever again, now that’s a legit check. The only thing more legit would be if dudes who look like wale come in and the the voice overs

  12. i was just amplifing my bass to listen to music then a stockx add came and my headphones shook for some reason even tho there was no bass?

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