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[stirring orchestral music]♪ ♪– General Skywalker,
good to see you again. Thank you for joining me
on this mission. – It is my honor, Padmé. You have no idea what I had to
go through to get this mission. – It’ll be worth it to finally
spend some time alone together. – Master!
– [groans] Oh, no.[dramatic music]– Sorry I’m late.
– Uh, Ahsoka… [chuckles awkwardly]
What’re you doing here? – Master Obi-Wan said
I should help with the mission. [shuttle engine whirring] – Uh… – We’re glad to have you,
Ahsoka. – [groans]♪ ♪[computer buzzing, whirring] – You changed the flight path?
– Yeah. Suddenly I’m in a hurry.
– But we can’t go this way. The Separatist fleet has
been spotted in this sector. [alarm blaring] – We’re in trouble.
– Like I said. – Ahsoka,
you’re on guns with me. Anakin, fly! – I like her.
– Yeah, me too.♪ ♪[blasters firing] Almost through. Look out! – [shouts][soft dramatic music]♪ ♪– I’ve got you. – Thanks. Who’s flying the ship?
– I’m on it. [ship engine whirring][dramatic music]♪ ♪[soft dramatic music]♪ ♪– Ahsoka… I’m really glad you came. – You know, you and Anakin
make a good team. – Thanks. I could say the same
about the two of you. – Thank you, Ahsoka.


  1. when you and your wife are about to have the house to yourselves but the kids decide not to go to grandmas.

  2. And at that moment the line anakin :"trust me i know more than anyone wanting to walk away from the order"
    Ahsoka : "i know"

    I can't believe in 2018 a plotline from the end of the show in 2013 has been built upon now this is why i love star wars.

  3. "I can say the same about the two of you … unless of course his love for you leads to his curruption by a Sith Lord which then leads to the genocide of the current Jedi order and the collapse of a democratic galaxy BUT WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF THAT LOL!!"

  4. If Ahsoka never left, and Anakin never turned dark, who do you think Anakin would’ve asked Ahsoka to train when she became a Knight?
    Luke or Leia?

  5. I think Obi Wan got suspicious of Anakin and Padmes marriage he decided to send either Rex or Ahsoka to spy on Anakin but he sent Ahsoka

  6. The entire Jedi order knew that anakin and padme we’re seeing each other, but no one ever thought it was a serious thing, and what were they going to do kick him out of the order, he was the hero of clone wars, anakin skywalker was a household name, even if they found out they were married, exception have been made in the past, also he’s the chosen one, if they kicked him out, he’d become the Jedis biggest threat, so nothing would even happen to him

  7. “Master Obi-Wan said I should help with this mission”

    “Uh, he knows doesn’t he ?”

    “Yup, and so do I, master”

    “Great, just great”

  8. A very wise Jedi once said:Love doesn’t lead to the dark side, passion can lead to rage and fear but it can be controlled. Controlling are passions while being in love, that is what the counsel should teach, because love itself can save them, not condemn them.

  9. I really miss The Clone Wars and the dynamic between Anakin and Ahsoka. It really feels like a sibling relationship and that Ahsoka understands her master more than he knows

  10. Ahsoka is basically "What if Luke and Leia where raised by Anakin and Padmé?"

    Ahsoka is basically their honourary daughter here.

    Ahsoka and Obi-Wan deserve to be honourary members of the Skywalker Clan not like spoilers for The Rise of Skywalker Rey.

  11. This makes me even MORE convinced that Ahsoka truly COULD have prevented Anakin from falling into the dark side. She knew about Padme and had she stayed longer, she could have actually been in on the secret, and she could have assured Anakin about the vision he had about Padme's death.

  12. I often wonder if Anakin's falling could have been avoided if Obi Wan or Ahsoka could both keep the secret but also bringing the elephant in the room with those two when they're alone.

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