Secure Connected Health: Healthcare Cybersecurity for Patient Safety

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Music The ability to understand our health
status through connected apps or treatments like deep brain stimulation
or automated insulin pumps are increasingly freeing us from chronic
diseases and improving hospital care. As a physician the connectedness of medical
devices provides many important benefits to both me and my patients. It allows us
to know right away if a medical device stops working properly. It allows me to
share information with other healthcare providers as well as with the patient’s
themselves. In some cases the device manufacturers are able to remotely
diagnose and even repair a device allowing it to get back online that much
faster for improved patient care. Connected medical devices provide
convenience and significant innovations in patient care. However, they are also a
target to Cyber criminals and malicious actors. As soon as a medical device is
connected to a network it becomes much easier to disrupt and that disruption
much more severe. I personally use an insulin pump with a continuous glucose
monitor. I have to hook up my insulin pump to my laptop to download new
software. It allows me to get the most innovative insulin management software
onto my palm but it also makes my pump vulnerable to hacking. Being that my
father’s pacemaker is a connected device connected via bluetooth. That
opens a door to an adversary to come in and basically hijack the system to
potentially mis-regulate the firing of the pacemaker. My sisters recently
underwent double hip replacement and knee replacement surgery and it was
pretty amazing about the type of medical devices, level of connectivity, robotics
that were included. Not only the anesthesia that’s connected but also the
electronic health record and the team of clinicians that come together that do
this great work. I have spina bifida and its cost me to end up going through
about 14 surgeries. He’s been hooked up to lots of devices and every time we’re
there I guess you know it’s like an occupational hazard. I mean I’ve been
sitting in a room and actually seeing the blue screen of death on a monitor.
There’s nothing that makes a parent, you know, more nervous than seeing those
beeps going across the screen. You see the IT, you see the connections and you
want to make sure that those doctors that are helping our kids at their most
vulnerable moments have the tools that they need to accompany the skills that
they have in order to make sure that they can save lives and make our lives
better. Secure connected health is about patients getting access to new and
emerging technologies that help improve their lives without introducing risks to
patient safety. We have the technologies, we have the solutions we have to work
together manufacturers, regulators, healthcare
delivery organizations, providers, patients to Secure Connected Health. Music

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