HMI Manufacturer K5600 Dives Into LED

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This is the new LED series
from K5600 Lighting. cinema5D at Cine Gear 2019
is brought to you by Fujinon, ultimate optical performance Tilta, arm your camera Fomex, devoted to remarkable light and Cartoni, supports your vision Hey everybody, Graham Ehlers Sheldon
here from, welcome to Cine Gear 2019, we’re here
at the K5600 Lighting booth, on my right is Peter and I want to talk
about the LEDs behind me, because you guys have had a tradition
of not embracing LED technology. -Real lights, we make real lights. -Well, you make LEDs now,
so there behind me. -There is still a fair amount
of controversy about that. LEDs are not able to…
they have to be used indoors. They have to be used
in low light environments, they have to be used with
high ISO settings on cameras, almost all production depends
on tungsten or HDMI lights, they’re real, they’re never going away. We’re still astonished at how
much tungsten is being shot. We’re surprised, we think ‘oh,
we should be gone by now’. Not even close. Even though LEDs are everywhere,
we waited eight years. And we stepped in. We think, at the beginning of the cycle when LEDs will become as real
as they will ever be. The one on the Left which is
our 300 watt Joker is the first true parabolic LED. 300 Watts in LED in most applications will give on the subject the same amount
of light that our 400 watt HMI gets. Cool, we said, we got one that’ll
come that close, we’re happy. The amount of heat that is made
by our 300 watt chip is significant heat. Now, there’s no heat in front,
all the heat is in the back. Why is it so big and fat in the back? Because we have to cool it. No fan: huge heat sink, high-speed fan: tiny little heat sink. Or a slow-moving large fan
and a medium-sized heat sink. That’s what we’ve done in those. -No way to passively cool it,
no way to have no fan. -Yes, there is. So now let’s double that for an 800. Now let’s double it for 1,600. -And then you have a light
that’s the size of a van. -And still only gives you what
your Joker gives you today. Now, different situation with this. Because there are so many small
ones spread out over such an area embedded into an aluminum heatsink, this doesn’t need a fan,
this doesn’t need a heatsink, it is what it is. And if you’re doing b-roll
on the back of this it’s the thinnest out there. And by taking all the controls
and putting them into the ballast we can keep the very thin profile
of what we’re calling the slice. Modular, put them together
and make a tower of light, go around a corner, do a lot
of stuff with them. Having said that, turning it
all the way up you’ve got the equivalent
of a 1200 HMI into a Chimera. -With this exact number of panels,
this is a 4×4, right? -Yeah, into a 4×4 Chimera. -I mean, it’s impressive output. -It’s a lot of output. What’s the big advantage for this? It draws just as much power by the
way as a 1200 HMI. There’s so many myths about
power and green and… …don’t get me started. But the big advantage here is
this could be this far from a wall and a 1200 or 1600 in the Chimera
is this far from a wall. Just how big the fixture is? That’s where these have an advantage. If you’re working indoors, if you’re
working at a higher ISO. We had to make them. -So you have a large modular panel, you have what looks like a Fresnel
and then the Joker 300. -It is a real Fresnel, it is
an actual real Fresnel and the light is Fresnel light. It’s not multi-shadow, it’s
not muddy, it’s clean, it’s just right. Each of these panels is 300 watts, everybody who makes LEDs
doesn’t want to tell the truth about what actual power they have. This is 300 actual watts. That’s 3 amps out of the wall. 4 of them together is 1200 watts. There is a 300 watt 1’ x 4’,
there’s a 150 watt 1’ x 2’, there’s a 150 watt 6 inches by 4 foot, and a 75 watt 6 inches by 2 foot. Our ballast senses which
fixture you have plugged into it and accommodates that and
operates it, it just knows. I don’t know why, it knows. All of our fixtures go from
2700 Kelvin to 6300 Kelvin, all go from 100% to 0. I don’t know why someone
wants to dim a light to 0, it’s not called turning it off? Anyway, I digress. The ballasts are 48 watt. So if you want to battery power them,
you have to have a 48 watt source so V mounts, no. DMX and everything,
lumen radio and everything, choose your favorite operating little thing
until it’s standardizes, how long before that happens? -I don’t know. -A while. -Price point and availability
on the joker, the Fresnel and I guess each panel. -Ok, this entire kit, four of them, diffuser
yoke, a couple of other accessories, the unit itself is about 42 pounds, the case is probably get away
as much as the light, but you know those are called
coffins for a reason. You can roll a truck over them
and you haven’t broken anything inside. All of the little soft cases are
cute but they’re not real. $13,000 complete complete. Everything included, $13,000. -The Fresnel? -Everything, Fresnel $5,000. The Joker about $4,000. Two lenses, barn doors,
ballast, head extension and a case. July for the Fresnel, probably July, August for this and September-ish, a soft
September for the 300 Joker. -Now I have to ask Peter, Jokers are ubiquitous on sets
all over the planet. Are you nervous about your
name being attached to LEDs now? -No, yes. We talked about it among ourselves
even though we’re not at bars and we say we cannot forget
that we actually make real light and we lead every conversation with: let me show you how much
better the Joker 2s are. Then we say ‘we know,
you’re chasing a unicorn, if you want to throw a rope around
this one, let me show it to you’. -Okay, there you have it, guys,
K5600, they sell unicorns now. -We let you chase unicorns. -We get to chase unicorns. -Alright, thanks for watching,
stay tuned to for more continuing coverage
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  1. This guy is right about everything he said. But the way he said it makes him come across like an angry old man who hates New technology.
    LED isnt perfect, and it will be a while before it is.

  2. i love jokers, but there is something about using a skypanel that no other light offers. you throw it onto a light stand, you shoot, you move it, you dim it. wrapped? pack it, it doesn't need to cool down… easy! i agree with him on the shortcomings of LED, but in real production day2day life he is missing out on some valid pro's of the competition.

  3. Wow….way to sell your new products!!!! Arms folded and highly dismissive……..that upbeat chatty dude from Aputure could take some lessons from this guy hahaha!! Look, he is right about a lot of what he said in regards to tungsten and HMI's especially for features which is what they probably sell too. However for those of us who don't have £13K for one light then there are other really good options out there that work really well!

  4. Am I the only one who really appreciate an honest sale pitch like this one? Also he's totally right…try to ACTUALLY SHOOT something with LEDs and HMI (or even better, Tungsten) and then let's see the results…lets' see if you can get the same richness and saturation across the whole spectrum with LED….well…you can't (HIVE is getting closer but it's still not a match). Also at today's prices HMI are a steal btw…

  5. This guy insulted all the pro's and semi pro's working everyday on corporate shoots, music videos and even some commercial work. Well… bring on the unicorns Arri, Desisti and Mole Richardson. Plus, I don't see the end user watching the videos online and TV complaining we didn't use "real lights". No…they watch content. Grip guys not having to wait for striking and cooling, heat , noisy gennies, bulb replacement …. nope, we are not professionals if you don't have spare bulbs.

    Too many options at that price point. And cheaper ones coming out. Lupo's Aputure….

  6. This guy sounds so salty lol like some people came along and made LEDs much cheaper and more controllable than his joker. He is also very wrong about LEDs only being useful in the dark in high ISOs. I've seen plenty people bouncing skypanels and gemini lights outdoors to give some fill or key a subject with them. Hive lighting is going to change the game when the 575c comes out. Basically a skypanel with the output and punch as one of their joker bugs. And they're only getting better in terms of output. Hope he has fun with his "real light" 😂

  7. I have never seen anyone trying this hard to trash something and sell it at the same time 🤣🤣

  8. What a bitter guy. LEDs do NOT have to be used indoors. Do not have to be used with high ISO. Blah blah blah. Thanks. Now I know what manufacturer NOT to buy from. Ba-bye.

  9. Wasn't that pretty much the attitude that Kodak had in the early days of digital? Remember the infighting at their Rochester HQ. Look what happened to them.

  10. What a dick… wtf are ‘real lights’? This whole attitude just reeks of someone who has begrudged and shit talked LED for years and has finally caved in to make them because it is CLEARLY where things are headed. Interviews like that are such a bad look… and they certainly won’t age well.

  11. To be fair he baited the rep from K5600 with this statement. LEDs are nice and I use them all the time. But they are nothing like a HMI or tungsten lamp. I used the Joker 800 on a number of occasions and it is a workhorse.

  12. I mean I'm not gonna downvote the video cause I'm not gonna take a shot at cinema5D but wow, that guy is pretty salty.

  13. "To batterypower them, you have to have a 48W power source… so V-Mounts: no."
    And what about REDs and Arris using V-Mounts with a powerdraw over 120W?

  14. LED have serious issues with how they light skin that go way beyond colour (and of course they also have colour issues). The "No Film School" crowd has no idea what these issues are, and shoot projects with such low standards that they don't even see them when they are staring them right in the face. But hey boss, have it. Go shoot your 700 dollar feature film with 120Ds, and brag about how "new school" you are.

  15. Hahahahah, this guy. The lady rep from Joker is much cooler. LED light quality already surpassed HMI light quality. #arri #kinoflo #sales

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