1. People really don’t know how to cook?
    I personally don’t think having restaurants and fast food places open is “essential.”

  2. I guess having 3 to 6 months worth of expenses saved only applies to individuals and not businesses. I do feel bad for the folks in that situation and wish them the best.

  3. i dont feel sorry for you….i was a bay area blue collar worker during the 2008 crash…. no one helped me when i lost it all and the banks got bailouts….. shoud have planed……or nuked wuhan!

  4. Totally agree with helping small businesses but still this should be a lesson for everyone the fact that everything in this country has gotten way too out of control and way too expensive bring it all back to the United States

  5. If your business has been around for 30 years and you can’t deal with two weeks of being closed, you’ve been doing something wrong.

  6. I WILL NOT go to a restaurant or even order TAKE OUT until this is over…*ARE YOU F*CKING CRAZY??* You have NO idea what idiot touched your food?

  7. We're all hurting not just restaurants, luckily at least you guys are still working and making a bit of money, most of us are all laid off and have run out of money already, I'm sure you know most of your customers were living check to check. So we can only do so much because were fucked as well.

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