‘Fempire’: Ayesha Curry Helps Working Mom with Baking Business

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Guys, shh, I am at Ellen. We are here today
to surprise Melanie. She’s worked here
for, like, 10 years. But we’re going to
do something special. Come on, let’s go. Hey, how you doing? I’m the new intern. Nice to meet you. It’s happening. Hey, Melanie! Oh, my God! Are you kidding me? How are you? I’m so good now! Ayesha Curry here. I’m a wife, mom of three,
and an entrepreneur. In building my business, I’ve
learned a lot along the way. So now I’m paying
it forward to help encourage, mentor, and
motivate other deserving women to take their own companies
to the next level. This is Fempire. Meet Melanie. Everything’s going to be OK. She’s a little
emotional right now. I think we definitely
shocked her. She works on “The Ellen Show,”
but her side hustle is even sweeter, Melanie’s Bakeshop. Let’s look at our website. Oh, wait– she doesn’t
have a website. We’ve definitely
got to fix that, because her cookies
are insanely delicious. The world needs to taste these. The problem is, she’s
baking out of her house. So how does she scale and grow? Mel is working night
and day for her family, but is at a bit of a standstill. So we’re here to help
take Melanie’s Bakeshop to the next level. I’ve tasted your cookies,
and they are the bomb. What made you start
Melanie’s Bakeshop? My grandma was a baker. Wow. And I just always loved it,
and I had a knack for it. I just feel at home. Like, just go in the
kitchen, make some cookies, and I just feel like
myself, I guess. So tell me about an
average day, two kids. I have a 14-month-old daughter. I have an 11-year-old son. Usually, like, three to four
nights a week, I’m baking. How are you doing all of this? Yeah, I know. And so I’m up until– That’s ridiculous. –midnight or 1:00, and
then do it all over again. And then I try to catch
up on weekends if I can. But it’s hard sometimes. Yeah, I get it. As a mom, it’s crazy
how much we go through and can get done in a day. It’s wild. How are you taking
orders right now? So right now I have a
Notes App on my phone. That’s kind of where
it all started. No way. Well, and that’s the thing. So I just have the
Instagram right now because that’s all
I can handle right now. OK. My biggest fear is– I obviously want to go bigger. Why don’t you have
a website though? Because once I have
a website, and I get the marketing out there,
orders will start rolling in. And I don’t feel like I
feasibly can take those orders. I still have this
drive in me that I know this is what I’m meant to do. And so I’ve got to
figure it out somehow. So hence the late
nights, early mornings. You know, you get to a point
where sometimes you don’t think you can keep doing it? But you came into my office– You’re so sweet. No and I swear to God, like– That’s so sweet. We need to show the
people your skills. So let’s do some baking. OK. Let’s do it. All right. Feed me. God, I love a
chocolate chip cookie. So good. The longest eight
minutes of my life. Yum. Voila. Oh. Oh, yeah. See, you’re doing great. I mean– oh, yeah. This one’s a little stiff. That’s what she said. It’s going to taste good. Facts. Perfectly imperfect. But I could not sell this one. You could definitely
sell that one. Oh, good, yay. Ha-Ha. All right, Mel– so part
of scaling your business is understanding the market. So I want you to meet a
fellow entrepreneur, who happens to be a mom, and
she has a food business. So her name is Lorissa,
of Lorissa’s Kitchen. Hi, Mel. Hi, Lorissa. I’m Lorissa. It’s so great to meet you. Oh, my God. You’re so nice. And she comes bearing gifts. This is Lorissa’s
Kitchen protein snacks. I’m a busy mom. And I love Lorissa’s Kitchen. I love your meat
snacks because– Thank you so much. –one, it’s made by
you, another mom. And it’s super nourishing
and delicious– so tender. Oh, that’s so good. So, Mel, when you’re
starting your business, always think about what’s
going to set you apart from your competitors. Think about what kind of edge
you might have on the market. For me, the jerky category
was very male-dominated. It was marketed to men, by men. Lorissa’s Kitchen is breaking
through and talking to moms, letting them know–
hey, this is a snack that can work for
you and your family. Creating a new
brand is a promise. Make sure that you
stick with that promise. As you scale, don’t
make any compromises, because quality is key. Well, that’s great advice. Thank you so much for coming. Enjoy the journey. Thank you. Have a blast. You’re going to be great. Thank you so much. Yes. And feel free to leave that
so that we can eat them– Yes, please. –after these
cameras stop rolling. All right, Melanie, we have
a few surprises for you. First, this is my bakeware. But it’s not just this. I want you to be able to go
onto the site and order whatever it is you need to be able
to scale your business. This is just a
representation of it. Oh, my God. I love the color. So whatever you need,
please let me know. Oh, my God. Are you sure? Thank you. Yes, yes. This is amazing. But it doesn’t stop there. We’re going to help you
secure your food handling license, which means that you
can sell to cafes, restaurants. Oh, my God. Yes. We’re going big. But obviously, to
be able to do that, you need to be working out
of a commercial kitchen. We are gifting you 100 hours
at a commercial kitchen near your house. Don’t cry yet. This is amazing. I’m so happy that you’re
excited about this because there’s more. OK. We’ve set you up
with five meetings with Brick and Mortars– local shops that are
interested in selling Melanie’s Bakeshop goods. Are you kidding me? Yes. That website we’ve
been talking about, we’re going to get you
set up with that website. Oh, my God! This is amazing. So you can start taking
orders online, scaling it out. Oh, my God. Yep. But there’s one more thing. You’re the face of your brand. You are Melanie, of
Melanie’s Bakeshop. Yeah, I am. And I feel like you need
photos and branding. And so we’re going to do
it, actually, right now. Oh, yes ma’am. This is happening. Get game face on. Oh, my God. OK. All right. I need you to go get
changed, come back. This way. OK. No, wait. This way. Ahh, you look so beautiful. Look at you. I love it. I love the color. Let’s do this. And as one final surprise, we
had to bring in her family. Ayesha, you have literally
changed my life today. This is the momentum
and the steps that I needed to really
take it to the next level. And I’m going to make
you proud, I promise. Aw, thank you. Go, Momma. Go, Momma. Go, Momma. I literally got every
tool here that I need to get from where I am
now to where I want to be. A huge shout-out to all
of my friends and family at The Ellen Degeneres Show
for giving me this opportunity, because it means
the world to me. I am so excited for her to
be able to have her very own fempire. Go, Melanie!


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