David Rips addresses impact of COVID19 on eye care industry

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Hi there, I’m Dave Rips, owner of Younger
Optics in Torrance, California. Well, I’m in isolation, like a lot of other people,
since I’m supposedly in a high-risk group, being over 60, and I had heart surgery twice
in my life, so that puts me into “high-risk,” so I’m clearly in isolation. Anyway, I want
to use this time to talk to you a little bit about what’s going on at Younger. Many of
Younger’s production facilities around the world continue to operate. Younger is the
world’s largest independently owned lens company, and it has facilities in Prague that
service Europe. It has facilities in Brazil, for Brazil, and that’s in Sao Paolo. It
has facilities in Adelaide, Australia for Asia and the Australian market. Its main production
facilities are in Torrance and also in Guaymas, Mexico. And R&D and a lot of other administration
issues are also in Torrance, CA. We’re continuing to ship from most locations — maybe on a
reduced schedule — but as much as we can. I want to talk to you a second about the future
of the optical industry. Everybody always says “Oh no, this is going to be the end
of the optical industry.” I mean, contact lenses were going to be the end of the optical
industry… LASIK surgery was going to be the end of the optical industry… and you
know, if a meteor was going to hit the earth, everybody would say, “Oh no! This is going
to be the end of the optical industry!” Well, I don’t believe it for a second. I
believe the optical industry will survive this and become stronger. To me, the people
showing up at work are the everyday heroes right now. The people who are dispensing glasses
for people that need them in all aspects of our industry. Well, we’ll get through this
together. Like I said, thank you to everyday heroes in our industry and, once again, I’m
very proud of our industry and it is a vital industry! It’s something everybody needs,
it’s a vital medical device and we’ll come back from this stronger than ever! So
thank you for your loyalty to Younger Optics through this time. We go into it strong, and
we’ll come out of it strong! Thank you.

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