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It all started in 1935 when Daikin produced fluorocarbon gas
for the first time in Japan. Since then, for more than 80 years, we have grown into a global technology leader in Air conditioning, filtration, and high performance materials. Today, and going forward, we will continue to support
our partners in their quest for excellence.​ This is what “Positively Innovative” means to us.​ Today, Daikin Chemicals, centered in Osaka, Japan, is the world’s foremost manufacturer of fluoro-polymers, elastomers, coatings, refrigerants and chemicals. These fluoro-chemicals are made from “Fluorspar”.​ They have several unique characteristics such as “Heat resistance”, “Chemical resistance“, “Water and oil repellency” and “Lubricity”.​ We have a presence on 5 continents supplying a wide range of materials and providing an increasing number of partners for various markets, with innovative solutions to emerging world needs.​ How have we been able to get this far? Our sustainability and strength rely on four pillars:​ Global presence: our products are manufactured
and used across the globe, and we deliver the solutions and services
to support our customers everywhere they are needed.​ Dedicated people: The inspired innovators behind our products, services and our brand
are the dedicated people who work at Daikin. Our people make Daikin a trusted and reliable partner.​ Innovative solutions: every day, we turn ideas into solutions. Our newly built Technology and Innovation Center in Osaka exemplifies this spirit with free-flowing communication
that sparks innovation. 700 engineers collaborate with
customers, universities, and other global organizations to enable emerging technologies and trends.​ Committed to our partners: Our focus is to help our customers improve. Our dedication drives us to achieve results
needed by our partners to reach their business vision and goals.​ To shape a brighter future, we strongly believe that innovation should serve
safety, comfort and efficiency while being compliant with today’s environmental challenges. We support our customers and are dedicated to developing innovation necessary
to advance these five emerging challenges.​ New mobility challenges: New mobility challenges are one of Daikin’s priorities as we strive to discover the best electrical solutions and support advancement for electric, connected
and autonomous vehicles. Our ambition is to support the evolution of the relationship between people and transportation
while considering energy efficiency.​ Digital and data management: We contribute to our fast-evolving digital world with innovative solutions for data management, electronic equipment quality,
and ever-increasing communication flow.​ A safe and reliable world: We are committed to improving the quality and reliability of our client’s parts
and components with our products which reduce impact on the environment, while we invest in new energy and create a safer world.​ Construction of the future: Our solutions support innovation
in the construction of the future with durable buildings that stay clean longer, require less maintenance and conserve energy. Production efficiency: We are proud to help our partners
improve their production processes with faster and efficient output while reducing waste. Problems such as climate change and changing demographics are presenting our advancing global society
with many challenges. We are accelerating various efforts for SDGs
as a global leader in fluoro-chemical manufacture.​ We aims to contribute to the realization
of a sustainable society through business activities
that provide society with new value.​ At Daikin, we focus on genuine innovation to enable our partners around the world
to achieve real results. With our performance polymers, elastomers,
coatings, refrigerants and chemicals, we are a preferred innovation partner to shape a brighter future by enhancing robustness, efficiency,
thermal stability and design flexibility. We are proud of the quality products we bring to market, the value we bring to our partners,
and the exceptional people at Daikin who make this possible.​

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