Berlin‘s Coolest Flea-Markets – Things to Do in Berlin

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How much do you want for this? 50€ What? I want it cheaper! Berliners love flea markets, every Sunday there’s dozens of them all over the city and I’m gonna show you now the five coolest ones. Behind me down there It’s probably the most popular one Which is also one of the biggest, there’s hundreds of booths with insanely great stuff. No matter what you’re looking for. You’re gonna find it here. Half the stands are by professional sellers and the other half by normal human beings and food trucks There’s such great food out there Next up is by far the coolest flea-market in all of Berlin It’s here at the RAW area This one is full of stands of small alternative designers and normal people selling their stuff most things sold here are unconventional clothes, handmade jewelry and the latest Berlin hipster stuff. The Boxhagener flea-market is just ten minutes away from the RAW one and it is for sure one of my favorites here in Berlin It has the perfect size for a one-hour stroll and is full of secondhand stuff may it be antiques, books and graphics or furniture Another great flea market Excuse me. Flow market is in my local hood Neukölln. This one is happening only every two weeks and has stayed the most authentic one because there are no professional sellers allowed here. It’s directly next to the Landwehrkanal, so it’s kind of a looong sausage market. Vintage hunters are gonna feel like they’re in heaven here For anyone who can’t wait for Sunday to go to the flea market There’s one right here at Griessmuehle every first and third Friday of the month. Yes. You heard me right. It’s in the club Griessmühle. So if you couldn’t make it for the night, you can make it for the flea market I hope you enjoyed this video if yes Smash that like button and if you’re interested in other stuff coming directly from Berlin check out my other videos


  1. I ve been at 3 points marked in this video, not impressed at all. We have in St. Peetersburg better markets with the same prices.

  2. Are prices like you were making fun in the beginning of the video or we can find some secondhand cheap clothes, coats, jackets and so on? I'll be traveling almost with no luggage I'll need some outfits to enjoy the clubs and nightlife.

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